Don't put off your faucet repairs any longer. Choose Kevin Troudt Plumbing and Heating, LLC for reliable faucet repair services in the Eaton, CO area. We can pinpoint any issues with your faucets and complete the necessary repairs on the spot. If your faucets are beyond repair or if you're in the middle of remodeling, we can replace your faucets.

Contact us immediately to get 24/7 emergency faucet repair or faucet replacement services. We can repair your leaky faucets in no time.

Upgrade to stylish, energy-efficient faucets

Are you tired of using outdated, damaged faucets? You can turn to us for a replacement if your current faucets:

  • Are rusting
  • Are leaking
  • Won't turn off
  • Have loose handles
  • Have low water pressure

Call 970-371-2394 now to schedule faucet repair or replacement services. We can help you pick out stylish replacement faucets that you'll love.